Lower Düden Falls, Türkiye

I’m in Türkiye (formerly known as Turkey) right now, and guess what? There are waterfalls in Turkey! It’s not surprising because there’s a lot of elevation change going on in the country, which is one of the main requirements to have waterfalls. There are probably more waterfalls than are “advertised”. Google does a pretty good job of showing where some of the waterfalls are, though it can be a bit difficult to determine how complicated it is to get to each falls.

The first waterfall we visited in Türkiye is an easy one to visit. It’s also an extremely stunning waterfall that drops about 131′ into the Mediterranean Sea. There are two distinct falls on the Düden Stream/River and they’re not always clearly distinguished. If you go to Google Maps, you’ll see photos for the two falls at the same location. If you could fly between the two, they’re approximately 13 km apart!

They’re both worthwhile to visit and Lower Düden Falls is the one that is seaside. There is a park dedicated to visiting the falls. It’s pretty easy to get to. If you’re driving in a Turkish city, it can be rather chaotic getting used to a different driving style. If you don’t want to take the effort to drive there, you can take the bus to the falls or you can purchase a tour guide/company to take you to the falls.

We are renting a car right now because our final destination is İstanbul. If you rent a car, then it is worthwhile to see the other three falls in a day (or over multiple days). There’s Manavgat Falls, Kurşunlu Falls, and Upper Düden Falls. You may also be able to find a tour guide that combines the four falls together. Tourism is a major business in Antalya, and the benefit is you can really go anywhere on a tour.


  1. I’ll direct you to Google Maps if you’re driving. Look for Düden Park Şelalesi. Şelalesi is the term for waterfall. You can also set your directions to the Düden Otopark which is easy parking to get to the falls. It costs ~20 TL, which is about 1 USD.
  2. You could also take a tour guide there and not have to worry about where to park.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 131′
Length of Hike: 0.1 miles round-trip

Lower Düden Falls in March 2023

Where in the World is Lower Düden Falls?