Goldmine Brook Falls, Massachusetts

Goldmine Brook Falls in August 2012

I randomly choose waterfalls to post about, and when I first stumbled upon Goldmine Brook Falls, I couldn’t really remember this waterfall. As I looked at the map, though, a few things started coming back to me, and I remember how much I liked this waterfall.

I should first start by saying I had visited a number of other waterfalls in the region, and had been somewhat disappointed. Bash Bish Falls, one of the more popular waterfalls, was just that…very popular and crowded. Many of the waterfalls didn’t have much water flowing in August. Goldmine Brook Falls probably doesn’t have much water flowing even at its peak, but it was much more than some of the other falls.

I also remember that it is pretty easy to visit. (Thanks to a reader for pointing out that my memory is a little bit off!) It is not that far from the road, being about 0.1 miles from the parking area. There’s a pull-off on US-20, you get out, walk up a small dirt path next to the creek, and arrive at the falls. Goldmine Brook Falls is really a small gem, and even though it’s only about 15-20′ tall, it’s easy to view. Sanderson Brook Falls is very close by, though it requires a longer hike to view the falls.


  1. Once you find the two towns Goldmine Brook is between, it’s easy to find the falls. The two towns are rather small, though. The falls are found just off of US-20, northwest of Huntington and southeast of Chester.
  2. If you’re headed northwest from Huntington the falls will be on your left, but the parking area will be on your right, and will be before you see the creek. From Chester, they will be on your right, but the parking area will be on your left after you pass the falls. You’ll have to safely cross the road (either way) to see the falls. It is easier to recognize you’ve passed the creek if you’re headed southeast.
  3. After crossing the road, follow the small trail that is next to the creek about 0.1 miles to the falls.

Accessibility: 8/10 (easy/moderate)
Distance of Hike: 0.2 miles round-trip
Height: 15-20′

Where in the World is Goldmine Brook Falls?

Bash Bish Falls, Massachusetts

Bash Bish Falls in August 2012

Bash Bish Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Massachusetts, and well…I guess it’s understandable, though I wasn’t as impressed. Bash Bish Falls is found in the extreme southwest corner of the state, literally less than a mile from the New York border. One of the trails to the falls even starts on the New York side.

And yet, as I mentioned, it’s popular. I have nothing against popular, but in this case there were people everywhere! It wasn’t as busy as I had expected, considering I had read upwards of 3000 visitors per (nice) day, but it was still bustling. There wasn’t an easy way to get a photograph of the falls without others in view! This was in stark contrast to what was my favorite Massachusetts waterfall, the relatively nearby Campbell Falls, where I was the only person!

Add to that, I don’t think the falls were nearly as impressive as a few of the others in the area. Race Brook Falls was a big disappointment, and Bash Bish Falls doesn’t remotely approach that, but it just seemed underwhelming. I know I showed up in mid-August, when the flow is lower, but it didn’t have as much character as I had hoped.  For some reason, I just kept noticing that the rock hanging above the falls looked like a big nose. I’m not sure if that’s the memory you want to be left with.

The Massachusetts trail is short, but very steep. I took this trail, and it’s a good workout! If, on the other hand, you hope for something more peaceful and less brutal on the body, apparently the trail that starts on the New York side will be the better choice. As a side note, there is another brook with possible waterfalls on a creek right near the New York entrance. From that parking area, cross the road and to your left, you’ll notice a trail paralleling a brook. I very quickly decided not to go up this trail since there was virtually no water in the creek. In the spring, it might be a worthwhile venture.


NY: Though I approached the falls from the Massachusetts side, it appears to be much easier to arrive at the falls going through New York. From NY-22 in the far east of NY, turn right on NY-344 in Copake Falls. Drive a few miles to the obvious parking area. It will be a 3/4 mile hike from that parking area. Continue along the curving road to get to the MA parking area, with the shorter (but steeper) hike.

MA: I felt like I wandered around on the Massachusetts side. There are signs as you get closer to the falls, but you have to pay very close attention! From MA-23 east of the NY/MA border, if you’re heading west, turn left onto Jug End Rd. Then turn right on Mt. Washington Road, and after a number of miles, turn right onto Falls Road, driving to the parking areas.

Accessibility: 4/10 (from the much shorter, steep path starting on the MA side)
Height: 80′
Length of Hike: 0.8 miles round-trip

Where in the World is Bash Bish Falls?