Chagrin Falls, Ohio

In the center of the town of Chagrin Falls is the eponymous waterfall. The waterfall is beautiful and extremely easy to visit. There are multiple different viewpoints of the falls, though the view on the right side of the falls is the easiest to find. The left side viewpoint is publicly accessible near a restaurant, though it is more complicated to find, as it is more hidden.

Chagrin Falls is a charming little city, and is worth exploring even after you visit the waterfall. In the summer, the town is rather busy.


  1. From I-271 heading north, take the exit to OH-87, which is also known as Chagrin Boulevard.
  2. Head east on Chagrin Boulevard for a ways. At one point, you will go through a roundabout. VEER to the right and keep heading on Chagrin Boulevard. Do not keep heading on OH-87, as they split.
  3. Chagrin Boulevard will turn into W Orange Street. From there, find a parking area in the bustling city area.
  4. From there, find the signs that indicate where the falls are found.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 20′
Length of Hike: variable, depending on where you find parking

Chagrin Falls in August 2009

Where in the World is Chagrin Falls?