Hamilton Falls, Vermont

Hamilton Falls in July 2015

Most of Vermont has rather hilly terrain, and yet there don’t seem to be as many documented/listed waterfalls in southern Vermont as there are in northern and central Vermont. One of the taller waterfalls in southern Vermont is Hamilton Falls. (Two others, Jelly Mill Falls and Pikes Falls, are also easy to visit.)

While it may be a quicker hike from certain parking areas near the falls, the preferred method is starting from Jamaica State Park, and following trails which lead to Hamilton Falls. Please follow posted signs and be extremely careful.

What you’re rewarded with is an approximately 125′ waterfall, though you may not be able to see the top portion very well. I don’t know if this waterfall ever sees a significant amount of water flowing through, the evidence being the very specific way the water has carved through the rock, leaving specific trails for the water to follow. If you like the idea of swimming at the base of a waterfall, this one would be particularly ideal. There were a number of people swimming in the water pool at the base.


  1. In the Village of Jamaica along VT-100/VT-30, if you’re headed west, turn right onto Depot Street toward Jamaica State Park.
  2. Park in Jamaica State Park, and then follow the West River Trail (northeast), which follows the West River.
  3. Follow the West River Trail to the Switch Road Trail, which will lead to the Hamilton Falls Natural Area.

Accessibility: unsure
Length of Hike: 3.4 miles round trip
Height: ~125′

Where in the World is Hamilton Falls?