Haven Falls, Michigan

Haven Falls in May 2009

Haven Falls is one of the more isolated waterfalls in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Off of a rather desolate stretch of US-41, you’ll turn onto Lac La Belle Road, which is also rather quiet. (Lac La Belle Rd. is paved. Some GPS units will suggest you take other roads which are often unpaved. Do not follow those directions, but instead the much safer Lac La Belle Rd.) The falls are found near Lac La Belle, and is surrounded by a number of houses. The area is beautiful and the falls, while smaller, is very pretty. The falls also benefit from being very easily accessed once you have finally arrived. They are just feet from the parking area in very plain view.

Heading back toward Houghton, I headed east toward Lake Superior and the Keweenaw Bay. If you head this way, you will be treated with an amazingly beautiful stretch of the lakeshore for a number of miles. Bete Grise Road leads you toward some very small towns/villages/unincorporated areas that are very interesting. A GPS can be helpful, since the roads are rather distant.


  1. Heading north on US-41 in the Keweenaw Peninsula, turn onto Lac La Belle Rd. Head for about 4 miles down the paved road to a split in the road.
  2. Turn right at the split in the road and head about 0.5 miles to the park where the falls are very easily accessed. The park is just across from a lake.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 20′
Length of Hike: roadside

Where in the World is Haven Falls?


Manganese Falls, Michigan

Manganese Falls in May 2009

Manganese Falls is one of the most intriguing waterfalls I’ve seen in Michigan. Much of the waterfall is actually hidden from view due to trees and the intensely sharp and curving drops of the falls. It may not be the most spectacular or photogenic waterfall in the Keweenaw Peninsula and Michigan.

I say it’s intriguing, though, because of how interesting it still is. The waterfall starts off with a easy-to-view cascade, and then from there, it takes a rather sharp drop that really disappears from view. It then reappears, but only from a different viewpoint. At that viewpoint, you realize that the waterfall drops again, and you can’t fully see all of the falls below you. What might be the most intriguing is that I’m not really sure how far the falls drops below that viewpoint. I know there’s more below, but how much more? I believe that I’ve seen a picture or two from the base, but the way to access it escapes me, as this has some of the steepest rock faces that I’ve seen in Michigan.


  1. You can come up to Copper Harbor from either M-26 or US-41 heading north.
  2. At the intersection of those two roads, head east to the Copper Harbor Community and Visitor Center, which will be on the right.
  3. Turn right onto the street immediately past that building. Go 0.7 miles on that road. A sign for the falls will be found on the right side of the road.
  4. After finding the sign, walk across the road where the sound of the waterfall is emanating, and a viewpoint will be there. Explore to get other viewpoints of the waterfall, but BE CAREFUL. There are surprisingly steep drops that come unexpectedly.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 30′
Length of Hike: 0.1 miles round-trip

Where in the World is Manganese Falls?

Eagle River Falls, Michigan

Eagle River Falls is a treasure of a waterfall in the beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula. The Keweenaw Peninsula is an extremely beautiful place. I visited in early May when the trees had yet to turn green, and I think it would be even more beautiful when the leaves turn in the fall.

Eagle River Falls is one of the more scenic waterfalls in the peninsula. Many of the waterfalls on the peninsula are very easy to view, and Eagle River Falls is extremely easy to visit. M-26 crosses right over the Eagle River, and parking area is directly adjacent to the falls. Pay attention to the old dam (?) that is found on the river. It adds to the view of the falls.


  1. Head north on M-26 from Houghton/Hancock. You’ll go a considerable distance and keep heading on M-26 to the village of Eagle River.
  2. As you pass over the Eagle River, if you look to the right, you’ll see the falls. The parking lot to get a better view of the falls is to your right.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 60′
Length of Hike: roadside

Eagle River Falls in May 2009

Where in the World is Eagle River Falls?

Tobacco Falls, Michigan

Tobacco Falls might not really even fall into the category of a waterfall. It might be more appropriate called a rapid. I visited Tobacco Falls in May. It is a rather easy to access, but also isolated. In May, after the snow had just recently melted, the water level on the Tobacco River was probably higher than it may be in July or August. I mention this because I have the feeling that in times of lower flow, Tobacco Falls may more closely resemble a waterfall. I could tell that there were some small drops that were flooded underneath the water, though I’m not sure if the water ever gets low enough to reveal those drops.

I wouldn’t recommend driving simply to see this waterfall, as it’s not that exciting. I would, however, recommend the drive that passes by the falls. The road that I took follows the Lake Superior shoreline for miles, and it is absolutely spectacular to be so close to the water and yet so isolated.


  1. From Hancock, head east on M-26 for about 10.5 miles.
  2. Turn right on 9th Street and go for 0.1 miles.
  3. 9th Street turns into Bootjack Road and go for another 0.5 miles.
  4. Turn left on Traprock Valley Road Go for 1.4 miles.
  5. Turn right onto Gay Road. Head toward Gay. Gay Road changes names, often called Liminga Road or Lake Linden Road.
  6. Once you’ve reached Gay, which is extremely small, turn onto 2nd Street, which should turn into Lac La Belle Road.
  7. From here, you will be driving northeast. The falls are near the bridge that crosses the Tobacco River. There is a roadside park near there where you can park.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 5′
Length of Hike: negligible

Tobacco Falls in May 2009

Where in the World is Tobacco Falls?

Ten-Foot Falls, Michigan

I’m baffled by Ten-Foot Falls. I’m actually baffled by many of the waterfalls with their heights listed. They are almost always not as tall as their name suggests, and Ten-Foot Falls is no exception. If I had to take a guess, I’d say the drop is maybe three feet at most. The river might drop more a little further upstream, but it doesn’t seem like the total drop is ten feet, at least in the near vicinity. (One of my readers helped solve the riddle, there’s a pool below the falls that’s ten feet deep! Thanks for the explanation!)

Another thing: While Ten-Foot Falls is extremely easy to get to, finding it is a little tricky. The waterfall is right off of M-26, but you wouldn’t even have a clue unless you follow some form of directions. Even then, I would suggest going in a roundabout way. The only reason I’d even stop and see this waterfall is that is very close to some other more interesting waterfalls, including Eagle River Falls.

The easiest way I have found to find these falls is as follows:

  1. Start on M-26 in Eagle River, which is near Lake Superior on the Keweenaw Peninsula. You can see Eagle River Falls there.
  2. From Eagle River, head southeast on M-26. As you’re leaving Eagle River, reset the mileage on your odometer.
  3. Drive for 1.4 miles on M-26. After you’ve traveled that distance, look for a gravel pullout area off of M-26 on your LEFT.
  4. This pullout area is only a few feet from the Eagle River and Ten-Foot Falls.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 3′
Length of Hike: roadside

Ten-Foot Falls in May 2009

 Where in the World is Ten-Foot Falls?

Jacobs Falls, Michigan

Jacobs Falls’ redeeming quality is that is so easy to visit! Jacobs Falls is a pretty waterfall not too far from Lake Superior in the Keweenaw Peninsula. You’ll pass by the falls as you’re driving along M-26 past Eagle Harbor. While you’re in the area, check out the beautiful, scenic shoreline.

The waterfall has two drops, the upper one not visible in the picture below. There is a very unstable “trail” that leads up to the upper drop and beyond, though it was very slippery. It is doable with the right shoes, though.


  1. Drive along M-26 north past Eagle Harbor.
  2. About 3-4 miles past Eagle Harbor, on your right (if you’re driving north), you’ll see Jacob’s Falls.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 20′
Length of Hike: roadside

Jacobs Falls in May 2009

Where in the World is Jacobs Falls?

Silver River Falls, Michigan

There are multiple Silver Rivers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This is the Silver River in Keweenaw County. Silver River Falls is a very pleasant waterfall not too distant from the western shore of Lake Superior on the Keweenaw Peninsula. It is also very easy to find and visit, so check it out it, even if it’s not the most spectacular of waterfalls.

Silver River Falls has two or three drops with small segments of rapids in between. The falls is only about 15 ft or so.


  1. Silver River Falls can be found directly off of M-26 on the stretch between Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor, about 4 miles east of Eagle Harbor.
  2. If you are coming from Eagle Harbor, the parking/picnic area near the falls will be on your right. Pull into the parking area, cross the road, and follow the trail to the falls.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 15′
Length of Hike: 0.1 miles round-trip

Silver River Falls in May 2009

Where in the World is Silver River Falls?