University Falls, Oregon

University Falls in May 2010

University Falls is a really stunning waterfall hidden away in the backwoods of western Oregon. When it’s at high flow, it’s definitely a photogenic waterfall worth visiting. And you’ll probably remember the journey just as much as the waterfall.

This waterfall is not particularly hard to drive to, though it is slightly out of the way. The roads leading to the trail are clearly used by loggers at certain times of the year, though I didn’t run into anyone. That just lends to the remote feeling of the falls, even though they’re not that far from a main route.

Once you get to the trail, you’ll meander around for a while, slowly heading downhill until you reach the base of the falls. The falls do just seem to appear out of nowhere. You’ll be reminded of the powerful forces of nature, as there are numerous logs strewn in front of and near the falls. It’s a really great view.


  1. The falls are found of off OR-6, which has mile markers. Pay close attention to those mile markers. Heading east from Tillamook, the turnoff is about 0.1 miles past mile marker 33.
  2. There will be a sign called Rogers Camp Road, which will also indicate University Falls. Pay attention for signs to the falls.
  3. Keep heading down Rogers Camp Road, which will veer right and turn into University Falls Road. The roads can be pretty complicated, but I remember thinking it seemed like the only sane road to be driving down. All of the others seemed less hospitable.
  4. After driving for about 3.3 miles from the turn on Route 6, you should come to the sign for the trail to University Falls. If I remember correctly, the sign is fancier than I expected for a falls so hidden away.
  5. Hike to the falls and enjoy!

Accessibility: 7/10 (easy/moderate)
Height: 80′
Length of Hike: 1 mile round-trip

Where in the World is University Falls?

Fern Rock Creek Falls, Oregon

Fern Rock Creek Falls in May 2010

I was trying to remember how difficult it is to find Fern Rock Creek Falls, and realized it is definitely one of the easier waterfalls to find. It is right off of Oregon route 6. Bridge Creek Falls is also nearby, but my gosh, is it difficult to find, though once you find the trail, it’s a super-easy hike.

Fern Rock Creek Falls, on the other hand, is only a few feet away from a large pulloff where there is much more space for cars to park. When I arrived, the parking area was wet and muddy, which I’m expecting is pretty normal in spring. Even so, you can see the falls from your car. It’s definitely worth it to get out and enjoy the view. The waterfall is very photogenic, as are many of the mossy falls in Oregon.


  1. I was heading east along OR-6 from Tillamook. Set your odometer, and drive for a little over 29 miles. You should see mile marker signs, though for some reason, not every mile…
  2. Just past the 29 mile marker, you’ll see a “parking” area, which is one of the few places you can pull off easily. It will be on your right if you’re heading east.
  3. Look out your window, and you should see the falls. If you don’t see falls, you’re not at the right place!

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 25′
Length of Hike: Roadside

Where in the World is Fern Rock Creek Falls?