Upper Waikani (Three Bears) Falls, Hawaii

Upper Waikani Falls in March 2012

The Hana Highway is one of those “adventures” on the island of Maui that I found to be less daunting than I had expected. I’ve driven on some narrow roads before, and because there seemed to be a certain level of common sense about speed limits, the Hana Highway was a stunningly beautiful drive without a significant amount of stress. (There were some equally narrow roads in Puerto Rico where speed limits were ignored and garbage trucks were barreling down the road at 45+ mph! I was actually more nervous driving south of Hana and along the Piilani Highway.)

So if you decide to drive the Hana Highway, you’ll find that some stops are very easy. And then there are attractions like Upper Waikani Falls (aka Three Bears Falls). There’s no parking near the falls, the road is narrow (as is expected), and you have to make that quick decision about whether you’re going to stop or not. I must have been very lucky, and knew that it was coming up on my journey. I slowed down, and managed to park off of the road just enough that the rental car wasn’t in any immediate danger. There were four or five other cars there also. I didn’t stay for a long time, nor did I try to get to the base of the falls (which I’m not sure I would try). I did end up capturing another beautifully green waterfall along the Hana Highway.


  1. This one’s pretty easy! Drive along HI-360 (the Hana Highway). You’ll find Upper Waikani Falls in between mile markers 19 and 20. Slow down as you approach the falls. (If you cross the bridge over the river, you’ve obviously gone to far, and good luck turning back!)

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy, if you can find parking, though it is “roadside”)
Height: 70′
Length of Hike: Roadside

Where in the World is Upper Waikani Falls?