Even Lower Hungarian Falls, Michigan

Below Lower Hungarian Falls, there are a number of smaller drops on the river that are interesting to view. These can only be viewed by making the very crazy choice to head down in to the gorge itself. It was definitely not the easiest hike I have ever done. After jumping from the riverbank onto logs, and then rock-hopping for a ways, you will reach these falls. The return journey is no simpler.

This specific waterfall is about 10′ tall, and comes in two separate drops. I think there are a few others. You might be able to tell there’s a third drop almost hidden by a log.


  1. You’ll be driving along M-26 toward Hubell, MI.
  2. In the outskirts of Hubell (if there can be outskirts in such a small town), turn onto Sixth Street.
  3. Sixth Street will dead end, but to the left is a dirt road named Golf Course Road. Take the road to the left.
  4. You will go up a hill, and the road will flatten out a little bit.
  5. Here’s the confusing part…As you’re driving on Golf Course Road, you will pass a number of dirt roads on the left. I got confused by the directions I was following and ended up turning onto the first road ON THE LEFT after a pile of rubble and a gate. The connection to the road was not even, so go slowly!
  6. From there, I headed down that road to the end, where there is a turn-around. Park here.
  7. From here, you will connect onto the trail to your right. Where I parked, if I walked straight instead of to the right, I hit what looked like the remains of an old bridge.
  8. From this trail, pay close attention. If you want to enter the gorge itself, you may notice a narrow dirt trail that leads downhill. This will lead you to the rock-hopping adventure I experienced.

Accessibility: 2/10 (strenuous)
Height: 10′
Length of Hike: 0.7 miles round-trip

A lower drop on the Hungarian River in May 2008

Where in the World is Even Lower Hungarian Falls?


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