Glanni, Iceland

In a country with so many waterfalls, there have to be a few waterfalls in Iceland that aren’t nearly as exciting. Glanni is an example of this. I don’t think it necessarily has to do with size, as there are many smaller waterfalls that are beautiful and extremely interesting. It’s just not nearly as visually appealing.

There are a number of drops, but they’re separated by enough distance that the falls seem very disjointed, which is not that unusual. It has a more “rapids” feeling to it, even though it is taller than any rapids. Some of the drops might even be 20′ or so, but it’s hard to tell from further away. I don’t think there was a way to view the falls nearer the base, which might have changed the way the falls appear to the viewer. The one redeeming quality is that is extremely easy to visit, being right of the Ring Road. It maybe takes 5 minutes or so to view the falls.


  1. Drive along the Ring Road north from Reykjavík. About 18 miles or so after passing through the town of Borgarnes, you’ll come to a sign for Glanni.
  2. Turn right onto the road (which on Google Maps shows up as Glanni-Paradis Road), which also leads to a golf course. If I remember correctly, I drove to a parking area not that far from the road.
  3. From the parking area, I walked the short distance to the falls.

Accessibility: 9/10
Height: ~25-30′
Length of Hike: 0.45 miles round-trip

Glanni in June 2012

Where in the World is Glanni?


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