Indian Run Falls, Ohio

Just outside of Columbus are a few waterfalls…there are actually a number of falls close to Columbus and others not too distant outside of the city. One of the easier ones to visit if you’re visiting Columbus is Indian Run Falls along with Hayden Falls.

Indian Run Falls in August 2015

I may have visited Indian Run Falls twice. I don’t have a record of the first time, so I’m unsure of it. I may not have taken any pictures because there wasn’t much water flowing the first time. The second time, in August 2015, there was definitely water flowing as I have the pictures to remind me. There are multiple drops on Indian Run, and I don’t think I’ve stumbled upon all of the drops. There seems to be a wide plunge waterfall that I didn’t find. Instead, I found a cascading waterfall that’s probably about a 20′ drop. It’s definitely worth a visit if in you’re in Columbus. So go out and explore!


  1. This one’s kind of a confusing one, as the way you’ll take will strongly depend on the direction you’re coming from. The park is very near the intersection of I-270 and US-33. Right near the turn, US-33 switches from a divided highway to not a divided highway, which causes the complication.
  2. One parking area for the falls is on Shawan Falls Drive, which is on the north side of US-33.
  3. Once you get to Shawan Falls Drive, you’ll find the Indian Run Falls Parking Lot, and the trail starts from there.
  4. Looking at Google Maps, you may be able to park at the opposite end of the trail and view the falls from a different direction.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 20′
Hike: 0.2 miles round-trip (though I would suggest hiking further down the trail to find other drops)

Where in the World is Indian Run Falls?


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