5 comments on “Silver Spray Falls, New Jersey

  1. It’s pretty much exactly 1.4 miles.
    However, no house, just a beat up fence.
    The trail is directly infront of where you park although it has become quite a bit over grown.

  2. Visited the falls today, after a good bit of searching back and forth I found it! Measure 1.4 miles from the intersection at the cemetery, just before you get to a tiny bridge marked by cement rails, there is a small parking area with a ramshackle fence around it which is marked on maps of the area as Houck Lane. There isn’t a house! Directly across Mountain Road from the parking area, there are remnants of a stone fence. Step over this, the look toward the stream. You should see a slight outline of a trail in the underbrush, follow it uphill generally along the ridge parallel to the stream with the field on your left. About when the field ends, look right and you’ll see the trail going over the ridge and descending toward the stream. Follow and the waterfall is evident!

  3. I was there last week and decided to see how far I could hike up past the falls. I was maybe a 1/4 mile from the top of the falls when I heard a second set of falls! The ravine is very steep along that section and trees blocked me from getting a picture of the falls. I tried climbing up the ravine but there’s a rough section with fallen trees that I couldn’t get past. I am going to to try again soon.

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