Rockhouse Falls, Tennessee

Much of the same information that could be said about Rockhouse Falls has been discussed in a previous post about Cane Creek Falls, another waterfall that is just a hundred feet or so from Rockhouse Falls (maybe even less). Cane Creek Falls is wider than Rockhouse Falls, though they both seem to be about the same height. Rockhouse Falls might be just a tad bit taller.

As with Cane Creek Falls, the “view” provided at the overlook nearest to the parking lot does not provide a great view at all. Rockhouse Falls is actually blocked by shrubs. If the shrubs weren’t there, the view might not be half bad. Oh well…For possible better views, check out out the other post.


  1. Follow the signs toward Falls Creek Falls State Park.
  2. As you enter the park, you’ll want to pay attention to the signs. You’re going to head toward the nature center.
  3. Once you find the parking lot for the nature center, which is also the parking lot for Cane Creek Falls, Rockhouse Falls, and the Cane Creek Cascades, park there and try the various routes leading to the falls.

Accessibility: 10/10 (from poor viewpoint), ?/10 (from suspension bridge), 1/10 (from rope to base)
Height: 125′
Length of Hike: 0.1 miles (to poorer viewpoint)

The rather poor view of Rockhouse Falls in December 2009

Where in the World is Rockhouse Falls?


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