Waterfalls Near Holgate Glacier, Alaska

Waterfall near Holgate Glacier (May 2011)

It always seems a little bit odd to me that there aren’t that many named waterfalls in Alaska. For such a huge place, it’s hard finding information about waterfalls. There are a lot more waterfalls than are listed, but it’s also understandable that in such a sparsely populated place, some aren’t known by many. Others pop up when glaciers and snow melts, and might only be around for short periods of time.

When I visited Kenai Fjords National Park, I took a tour on a cruise boat, and on the itinerary was Holgate Glacier. As you approach Holgate Glacier, there are a number of different waterfalls. Some of them are somewhat difficult to differentiate from the snow above, but while narrow, they’re also surprisingly tall. The two vertical photos are waterfalls that were nearer to Holgate Glacier. The horizontal picture was a set of five waterfalls that were further from the glacier, if I remember correctly.

Waterfall near Holgate Glacier


  1. Well, head to Seward, Alaska, and take one of the cruises. In this case, hope that you’re headed to Holgate Glacier, as you might instead visit one of the other glaciers. It will probably be useful to have a lens that can zoom up pretty closely, as you might be somewhat far from the falls.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: hundreds of feet
Length of Hike: N/A (viewed from cruise)


Five falls in Kenai Fjords National Park

Where in the World are the Waterfalls near Holgate Glacier?


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