Milford Sound Highway Waterfalls, New Zealand

A rather large waterfall along the Milford Sound Highway (May 2011)

I was trying to decide whether to write about these waterfalls, and I’ve decided that I will, if for no other reason to advertise the amazing place that is Milford Sound. Milford Sound has a number of amazing waterfalls including Bowen Falls and Stirling Falls. It is also widely advertised that after the rains, hundreds of other ephemeral waterfalls pop up.

As you’re driving to Milford Sound along the Milford Sound Highway, you’ll likely see a number of other waterfalls, and these are two that I saw. I can’t say whether they were ephemeral. One of them seems to be rather larger than I would expect for an ephemeral waterfall, and it wasn’t really pouring that day. There were light sprinkles, a few flurries, and some bouts of mild but constant rain. Otherwise, the rain from a single day probably couldn’t explain the volume of these falls. (I could be wrong, though.)

I think I was able to view both of these falls from across the road while visiting The Chasm. The first waterfall was difficult to photograph from afar. The second was large enough that I was able to capture the falls with a zoom lens. I’m not sure of the height of the falls, but if these falls were more easily accessible, they would probably be very popular. (It’s not the park that causes the inaccessibility, it’s the steep cliffs!)

Directions: This one is pretty simple. Drive from Te Anau along NZ-94 to Milford Sound. I believe these were viewed from the trail and parking area for The Chasm. This is before you enter into the cruise parking area.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: Hundreds of Feet
Length of Hike: not applicable

A harder-to-view (and photograph) waterfall along the Milford Sound Highway

Where in the World are the Milford Sound Highway Waterfalls?


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