Jelly Mill Falls, Vermont

Jelly Mill Falls (or Old Jelly Mill Falls) isn’t a waterfall that I’d necessarily go out of my way to find. It’s not a particularly tall, wide, or memorable waterfall. Though maybe if I had been feeling better, it would have held a dearer place in my memory…though probably not.

Jelly Mill Falls is right off the road, which is definitely its redeeming quality. I wasn’t even sure I was going to visit the falls until I found out it was directly off of VT-30, which I was driving along anyway to get to my hotel for the night. Once you pull off the road, it’s a very short drive to a “parking area”, which is really just a small area alongside the road. I jumped out of the car and was at the falls in a matter of seconds. There are a number of drops, and it didn’t seem as if any one drop was the most significant. There wasn’t much water flowing over the falls, either, though I’m guessing there would be more in the spring.

If you’re passing by and like to “collect” waterfalls, this might be a good choice. As I’ve read, it also might be a good choice for a quick weekend trip with the family since it’s so easy to access. Still, even though it’s not a particularly tall waterfall, still be careful, especially with younger children.


  1. From Brattleboro, head northwest along VT-30 North. Drive about 5 miles along VT-30 North.
  2. After about 5 miles, you’ll come to Stickney Brook Road on your left. Turn left onto this road.
  3. To your right will be Stickney Brook, which the falls are located on. Find a place to park along the brook there. (If you reach an intersection with another road, then you’ve already gone too far. It’s a very short distance down Stickney Brook Road.)

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Distance of Hike: N/A (roadside)
Height: ~8′ for tallest drop

The largest drop I observed for Jelly Mill Falls (in late July 2015)

Where in the World is Jelly Mill Falls?


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