Moul Falls, British Columbia

Moul Falls in August 2010

I’m sure there are a number of more isolated waterfalls in Wells Gray Provincial Park, but of the most widely known falls near Clearwater Valley Road, Moul Falls might take the most effort to get to. Compared to Helmcken, Dawson, or Spahats Creek Falls, you do actually have to hike to get to the falls. It’s an almost 4 mile round-trip hike.

I don’t remember it being a difficult hike (which I usually remember if I suffered!). The bear signs at the beginning of the hike did freak me out for a second, but there were a number of other people on the trail, that I would have been surprised to see any bears. I do remember that as you get very close to your destination, you will have to climb down some rickety-looking stairs to get to the base, but it’s well worth it for the final view.

When I showed up, it was very sunny, so the falls were very bright. The spray from the falls created a rainbow near the base, but when I tried to capture it in the photograph, the falls became extremely bright. I think there’s a mild hint of the rainbow in this picture. It was really an enjoyable hike, and it is nice to be able to get closer to this waterfall than the others in the park.


  1. From Clearwater, head north on Clearwater Valley Road for 13 miles.
  2. On your left, you will see the parking area for Moul Falls.  The parking areas not huge, but there’s probably enough room except on the busiest of days.  From there, follow the trail to the falls.

Accessibility: 6/10 (moderate)
Height: 115′
Length of Hike: 3.6 miles round-trip

Where in the World is Moul Falls?


The Mushbowl, British Columbia

Well, the Mushbowl at least goes down as having one of the more interesting names for a waterfall. As with many of the other more popular waterfalls in Wells Gray Provincial Park, it’s also really easy to view. It’s very obvious from certain viewpoints and even as your crossing over the bridge just feet from the falls. It’s just not anywhere near as large as Helmcken or Dawson Falls. So it probably doesn’t get paid as much attention.

It’s still a pretty waterfall, and it other places, it would probably rank higher. Its redeeming quality is that it is so easily accessible. It’s pretty impressive at high flows too, and even in late August it was still flowing intensely. Stop by and visit it just because you can without much effort.


  1. From Clearwater, head north on Clearwater Valley Road for about 40 km/25 miles to the parking area for Dawson Falls. Along the way, you will have passed parking areas for Spahat’s Creek Falls and Moul Falls. Once you reach the bridge over the Mushbowl, pass over the bridge and park on your right. That’s where the most “parking” seems to be available. I found it easier to stop on the way back, as you’ll pass by it again after visiting Helmcken Falls.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 15′
Length of Hike: roadside

The Mushbowl in August 2010

Where in the World is the Mushbowl?