Bunch Falls, Washington

Bunch Falls in April 2008

Bunch Falls isn’t one of the most memorable waterfalls I’ve seen, but the scenery around it is amazing. Bunch Falls is found in Olympic National Park, which has a beautiful temperate rain forest setting. Bunch Falls is the third of three noticeable waterfalls along South Shore Rd.

In order to get to Bunch Falls, you have to drive down a more than passable dirt road. It’s a few miles from US-101, though, and the road is relatively narrow. There weren’t a significant number of other cars when I visited in late April, but every once in a while somebody would pass.


  1. From US-101, turn onto South Shore Road.
  2. Continue on South Shore Road for a ways and you will pass other waterfalls before coming to Bunch Falls. I would just keep paying attention to the right side of the road, as this is where all of the interesting falls are. You’ll just have to stop on the road somewhere (possibly try to pull off), as there are no parking lots near the waterfalls.
  3. You can either turn around at the bridge crossing the Elwha River, or continue onto North Shore Road, which is just as pretty.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 60′
Length of Hike: roadside

Small falls near Bunch Falls

Where in the World is Bunch Falls?


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