Reedy River Falls, South Carolina

I tend to like waterfalls that are in urban settings, as you get a sense of the historical importance of the waterfall. Reedy River Falls is one of those falls, right in downtown Greenville. The directions are very easy, though the traffic in Greenville can be stifling on a nice day! There is the main falls with a cool bridge that offers a better view, a reported second drop further downstream, and Spring Falls, a mini-waterfall that can be seen on a creek along the way to the falls.

The main falls is a really special treat in the downtown area.  I’ve always loved the reddish-brown color of the rocks, and think it makes matches with many of the building surrounding the falls.  There are many opportunities to explore the falls and photograph it from different angles.  The bridge offers the most obvious viewpoint, but there are viewpoints at both the left and right side of the falls.  If you are on the left (as in the picture below), I believe you can walk pretty close to the water.

The smaller waterfall, Spring Falls, would not be even remotely interesting if it were by itself, and I would be disappointed if I had spent any significant time trying to find the falls.  And yet when you find the falls without expecting to, it’s a small treat.  They are off of a main trail, and I’m not sure I would have found them if I had not taken a different path on the return to the parking area.


  1. There are so many possible ways to get into Greenville to the park. I would suggest typing in “Falls Park on the Reedy” into Google Maps (or another mapping system). You can also try following the signs to the park. If that doesn’t work, try to get back to Main Street, as the park will be off of Main Street. There are multiple places to park, some further away, but still offering a beautiful but short walk to the falls.

Parking and address information is provided here.

Accesibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 28′
Length of Hike: negligible

Reedy River Falls (25)

Reedy River Falls in March 2009

Reedy River Falls (40)

Spring Falls

Where in the World is Reedy River Falls?


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