Mud Creek Falls, Georgia

Out in the woods of Georgia is Sky Valley, a somewhat fancy leisure community and golf course that seems out of place. When you enter Sky Valley, it seems like any waterfalls would have disappeared with the buildup of the community, but off in a corner of Sky Valley is Mud Creek Falls. It’s actually a very pretty waterfall that is easy to access and even has a little picnic area next to it.

Mud Creek Falls is also known as Little Estatoah Falls because it ends up that it’s on the same creek (Mud Creek!) as Estatoah Falls. Estatoah Falls is Mud Creek Fall’s bigger brother, but it’s also the far more private brother. If you’re looking to get close to a waterfall, Mud Creek Falls is your only option here.


  1. From US-441, turn onto GA-246 heading east.
  2. Go for about 4 miles to Bald Mountain Rd. It’s a little bit odd, as you will leave Georgia briefly, enter North Carolina, and then reenter Georgia.
  3. Turn right onto Bald Mountain Road, and go a mile to the Sky Valley gated community.
  4. Enter the gate and veer to the left toward the golf course area.
  5. After about 0.5 miles, you will turn right on Tahoe Lane, which is very easy to miss. If you’ve come to the golf course, you’ve gone too far.
  6. After you’ve turned on Tahoe Lane, go straight down to the end of the road, literally. There will be some curving and some unpaved road, but right at the end is the picnic area and Mud Creek Falls.

Accessibility: 10/10
Height: ~50′
Length of Hike: None (roadside)

Mud Creek Falls (55)

Mud Creek Falls in March 2009

Where in the World is Mud Creek Falls?


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