Wahkeena Falls, Oregon

Wahkeena Falls in April 2008

Wahkeena Falls is one of the many waterfalls viewable directly from the Historic Columbia River Highway. There is clearly marked parking for the falls. The only slightly confusing thing is that the falls can be accessed from the interconnected system of trails, and so you may be at another waterfall and see a sign saying Wahkeena Falls is some distance away by trail. Unless you really like hiking, just look for the major parking area.

The falls are extremely beautiful and rather complex. At the parking area, you can see the falls in its 240′ entirety, which involves the main drops and a multitude of cascades below the main drops. In order to access the main drops, you have to hike on the clearly marked, short, but moderately steep paved trail. I believe that trail continues onto Multnomah Falls. After hiking up the trail, you will see the second drop very clearly, as it will be feet away from you. The first drop becomes more difficult to see at that angle. There is a lot of spray from the falls, so be sure to cover your camera lens.


  1. From I-84, get onto the Historic Columbia River Highway.
  2. Look for the Wahkeena Falls parking lot as you’re driving along the highway. It will be to the west of the Multnomah Falls parking area.

Accessibility: 10/10 (roadside view), 8/10 (trail to the falls)
Height: 240′
Length of Hike: 0.5 miles round-trip

Where in the World is Wahkeena Falls?


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