Upper Au Train Falls, Michigan

There are two major drops on the Au Train River, distant enough from each other that I’ll talk about each of them separately. Upper Au Train Falls is a very pretty waterfall/cascade. The amount of water that you will see cascading down the falls is wildly variable, dependent on both rainfall and the amount of water allowed to flow from the dam directly upstream. I have included two photos, the first from May 2009, when there was a considerable amount of water. The second photo was taken in July 2008, when there was MUCH less water flowing.

How close you can get to the falls is somewhat dependent on the amount of water flowing over. If the flow is low, you can easily “rock-jump” across the little streams. If the flow is higher, you may have no other choice but to wade and get wet if you want to get a closer view. To get down to the falls, you do have to maneuver your way down a rather muddy trail.


  1. Get onto M-94 between Munising and Chatham.
  2. Look for Alger County Road H-03. Turn onto this road. If you are heading east from Munising, it will be a right turn.
  3. After you turn onto H-03, you will turn right on the first road you see. It will be a dirt road.
  4. Continue on that road, and in a very short distance, you will come to a sign for a hydroelectric company, and from that parking area, Upper Au Train Falls will be very visible.

Accessibility: 10/10 (to view from roadside)
Height: 20′
Length of Hike: 0.2 miles round-trip (to get closer to falls)

Upper Au Train Falls in May 2009

Upper Au Train Falls in July 2008

Where in the World is Upper Au Train Falls?


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