Manido Falls, Michigan

Manido Falls did not impress me at first, at least not as much as the downstream Manabezho Falls. After seeing the pictures I had taken, though, I discovered what an amazingly beautiful waterfall Manido Falls is. It’s beauty comes from its complexity. The waterfall itself is not very tall at all. It is wide, though. As the Presque Isle River tumbles down toward Lake Superior, it comes to this set of rocks that create a beautifully cascading waterfall. I think what makes me like Manido Falls so much is that the water has taken such an interesting course here, erosion taking its effect in an oddly unique way.

Add to it that the just as spectacular Manabezho Falls is only hundreds of yards away, and Lake Superior not much more distant, this makes for one of the most beautiful waterfall stretches in the Upper Peninsula.

Visit #2:  When my father and I visited Manido Falls in late September 2010, the falls looked completely different due to the significant amounts of rainfall in the weeks previous.


  1. From US-2 in Wakefield, head north of M-28 for a short ways.
  2. Turn left onto Thomaston Road (which may be numbered County Road 519).
  3. If it is not numbered Co. Road 519, you will soon end up connecting into Co. Road 519. From there, just keep driving north for a ways. You will end up entering the West Entrance to the park.
  4. The parking area for the short trail to the falls is clearly marked, as are signs pointing the way to the trails.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 8′
Length of Hike: 1 mile round-trip

Manido Falls in June 2006

Manido Falls in September 2010 (after torrential rainfalls)

Where in the World is Manido Falls?


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