Marymere Falls, Washington

The upper portion of Marymere Falls in April 2008

Visiting Marymere Falls makes you feel like you’re in a rain forest…Wait, you are in a rain forest. It’s just much cooler than the kind that you expected. Marymere Falls is found in Olympic National Park, which contains a temperate rain forest.

As you are walking along the trail to the falls, you will pass by beautiful trees covered in mosses. Some of the trees are very large. While there is a very clear path to the falls, it’s hard to deviate from that path because of all the trees, brush, and large ferns.

Once you get to the falls you’ll experience a two-part beauty. It’s almost impossible to see the whole falls. You’ll see the lower half first, which is not as spectacular. Then you’ll see the much more scenic upper half, which is surprisingly tall.


  1. Enter Olympic National Park on US-101 heading west.
  2. You will drive on US-101 for a considerable ways. Along your journey, you will come to a rather long lake, Crescent Lake.
  3. At the west end of Crescent Lake is the parking area for Marymere Falls. It is also known as the Storm King Ranger Station.
  4. The trail to the falls will be pretty clear. You will end up passing under US-101 right near the beginning.
  5. There are different viewpoints for the upper falls. Some involve some short but moderately steep climbing, though nothing horribly difficult.

Accessibility: 8/10 (easy/moderate)
Height: 90′
Length of Hike: 1.5 miles round-trip

The lower portion of Marymere Falls

Where in the World is Marymere Falls?



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