Upper Laurel Falls, New Jersey

When I first tried to visit Laurel Falls and the other falls in the Delaware Water Gap, the weather thwarted my attempts. Some intense storms passed through. From what I had seen though, even when storming, I knew I had to go back and visit some of the falls on the New Jersey side of the Delaware Water Gap.

There are two falls, an Upper Falls and a Lower Falls. The Upper Falls has two drops separated by a very short distance. The walk up to the falls was just beautiful…there is just such a calming vibe that comes when walking to these falls. And while they’re not large falls, the falls here are still just as attractive as many other larger ones I’ve visited.


  1. On I-80, take exit #1 (in New Jersey). Depending on whether you’re going east or west, it can be easy or complicated. Going west, it’s just a straight-shoot exit. If you’re going east, you will have to exit at the visitor’s center, loop around, briefly get back on I-80 heading WEST and then take exit #1.
  2. Once you’ve exited, you’ll head north on NJ-606 (Old Mine Road). At one point, you will end up on a one-lane road, so you might have a little wait because of stop lights.
  3. After about 3.8 miles on NJ-606, you’ll reach a campground/parking area on your left. It is for the Worthington State Forest, and there will be a bathroom there, along with a park and camping. Park here, if possible. (On weekends or holidays, it may be VERY difficult to find parking.)
  4. From the parking area, cross the road, and head up Douglas Trail. Follow the creek there and you’re sure to find the falls.

Accessibility: 7/10 (easy/moderate)
Height: 30′
Length of Hike: 0.5 miles round-trip

Upper Laurel Falls in May 2009

Where in the World is Upper Laurel Falls?


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