Hungarian Gorge Falls, Michigan

Hungarian Gorge Falls

Usually when I find a “new” waterfall, I can go and find reference to it somewhere in a book or on the internet. This is an unusual case. This waterfall is located to the left of Lower Hungarian Falls in Michigan, and after searching around, I have found no mention of this waterfall on any site or in any book. Now maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, but usually the internet reveals a lot of information. (Phill Stagg’s set of books about Waterfalls of Michigan refers to this as Hungarian Gorge Falls, so I will refer to it as this.)

As I said, this falls is to the left of the Lower Hungarian Falls. It may be seasonal, explaining why I cannot find out more about it. I also ended up getting confused about where to access the trail for the falls, and ended up getting different views than others might get. I just happened to notice that there was another falls nearby the much larger falls.

To make matters even more complicated, the waterfall is not particularly easy to reach. I was having difficulties viewing both this falls and the Lower Falls, so I actually walked down into the gorge on a trail that I found. I then proceeded to rock-hop for at least 1/4 of a mile. Surprisingly, I didn’t get very wet, but I did get some great pictures of the falls.


  1. You’ll be driving along M-26 toward Hubell, MI.
  2. In the outskirts of Hubell (if there can be outskirts in such a small town), turn onto Sixth Street.
  3. Sixth Street will dead end, but to the left is a dirt road named Golf Course Road. Take the road to the left.
  4. You will go up a hill, and the road will flatten out a little bit.
  5. Here’s the confusing part…As you’re driving on Golf Course Road, you will pass a number of dirt roads on the left. I got confused by the directions I was following and ended up turning onto the first road ON THE LEFT after a pile of rubble and a gate. The connection to the road was not even, so go slowly!
  6. From there, I headed down that road to the end, where there is a turn-around. Park here.
  7. From here, you will connect onto the trail to your right. Where I parked, if I walked straight instead of to the right, I hit what looked like the remains of an old bridge…
  8. From this trail, pay close attention. If you want to enter the gorge itself, you may notice a narrow dirt trail that leads downhill. This will lead you to the rock-hopping adventure I experienced. If you continue on the much more obvious trail, you may get a glimpse of this falls, but maybe not. If you reach the crest of Lower Hungarian Falls, you will not be able to view this falls from that angle.

Accessibility: 2/10 (strenuous)

Height: 60′

Length of Hike: 0.5 miles round-trip

Where in the World is Hungarian Gorge Falls?



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