One comment on “Upper Wildcat Branch Falls, South Carolina

  1. My name is mary , and my husband went fishing at Table Rock State Park, an on his way home he Then he walked the trail, mind you he had gone through 3 spinal surgeries. He hiked to the very tip top of the Falls, Mind you he was military trained, and took one wrongstep and fell 100 feet down the falls to the bottom, he got knocked unconscious as soon as he fell, his heart went into cardiac arrest, but what took his life from me was the blunt force trama. So do me a very special favor this Christmas, CHERRISH THOSE WHOM YOU LOVE AND HOLD DEAR CLOSE THIS YEAR, FOR YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN THOSE YOU LOVE WILL BE TAKEN AWAY AT A MOMENTS NOTICE. BILLY JOE GORHAM SR. WAS MY BEST FRIEND, TRUE LOVE, AN SOUL MATE. THIS HAPPEN TO ME ON SEPTEMBER 2, 2012, HIS LAST BREATH WAS THE EXACT MOMENT I CLOCKED OUT OF WORK 2PM, THEN BY GODS HAND I GOT TO MEET THE FAMILY WHO WAS THERE THAT DAY AN CALLED 911,BUT 4 MTHS LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH LOVING PRAYERS AND BLESSINGS

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