5 comments on “Slate River Falls, Michigan

  1. If you really want to push yourself on this river, travel further upstream to find even more beautiful waterfalls. There is Ecstasy Falls, Slide Falls and Kukucks falls about a mile upstream. There also is another waterfall right behind Slate River Falls I like to call Feltman Falls.

    Waterfall Hunter: Douglas Feltman

    • Yeah, I’ve heard there are a number of falls further upstream. When I visited this waterfall, I seemed to show up just when I was at my most tired, and then found out I was going to be climbing uphill and downhill to get to Slate Falls. That wore me out even more, in addition to the pending storms arriving, and I decided to turn back. Rested and ready, it’d be great to see the other falls.

    • Yep, I actually thought about doing that. I wasn’t sure how long it was and I don’t really like getting wet (unless I’m really prepared mentally beforehand, which I wasn’t).

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