Twin Falls, New York

Twin Falls in May 2009

The hike to Twin Falls (also referred to as Templar Falls) is short, but it’s a steep one. It’s not really that hard, but you’re going to have to essentially maneuver your way down the hill that leads to the river Twin Falls is found on. There is an easier way to view the top half of the falls, but that isn’t very exciting, especially since it’s advertised as having two parts!

It doesn’t take that long to get to the falls. Just keep track of where you came down, because you’re going to have to go back up! I think I came down the clearest route I could find, and then had to jump over rocks to get upstream to see the better view of the falls. It’s a fun experience for a smaller waterfall. This waterfall is relatively near other waterfalls, but is still secluded enough that you won’t encounter many others at this falls.


  1. Head north on NY-14 from Watkins Glen.
  2. Turn left onto Bath Street, which will turn into County Line Road.
  3. After about 2.5 miles, turn left onto Van Zandt Hollow Road. This will merge into Templar Road.
  4. Shortly after merging onto Templar Road, you should notice a sign indicating the Finger Lakes Trail on your right. Park right here, as the falls are right on the river near you.
  5. Explore a little bit. You may find the first falls, and then you can figure out how to get down to see the whole falls.

Accessibility: 4/10 (moderate/strenuous)
Height: 25′
Length of Hike: 0.2 miles round-trip

Where in the World is Twin Falls?


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