Unnamed Falls #2, Raymondskill Area, Pennsylvania


A waterfall along the trail to Raymondskill Falls (May 2009)

I was looking for the base of Raymondskill Falls, and instead of finding he base, I happened upon this set of waterfalls on a tributary to Raymondskill Creek. The tributary is rather narrow, but the drop from the top of the road to Raymondskill Creek is pretty high. When water is flowing down this narrow tributary, there are two waterfalls that are present. I was surprised at how pretty these waterfalls were!

There is a clear trail down to these falls, but the trail is steep enough that your legs will burn. Still, it’s not by any means impossible, so I would encourage you to see if this waterfall is flowing when you visit Raymondskill Falls.


  1. From I-84, take exit 46 to Milford.
  2. Go east on US-6 for a little more than 2 miles.
  3. Go south onto US-209 for 2.5 miles.
  4. Turn right onto Raymondskill Road. Go 0.3 miles to the parking lots. There are two different parking areas, one with a visitor’s center. Park at the first one that you encounter.
  5. From there, the trail will split. Take the trail that heads to the left. It might split again (I can’t remember.). If so, take that left also, and you’ll head downhill on a moderately steep slope. From here you’ll see the falls.

Accessibility: 6/10
Height: ~25′
Length of Hike: 0.4 miles round-trip

Where in the World is Unnamed Falls #2?


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