Scott Falls, Michigan

Scott Falls is a small falls. Scott Falls is a fun falls. The waterfall is so easy to get to, as it is right off of M-28. You can pull your car off the road, and you’re essentially twenty feet away, at most. The waterfall is easily missed though, if you’re not paying attention, as it is at an angle to the road.

When I visited in May 2009, there was a lot of water at the falls, and I did have to jump over a ditch full of water to get a closer view. I got wet, and the water was not particularly warm, as it was snow melt. In later months, that ditch dries up, and there isn’t as much water on the falls, though it is a perennial falls. You can get extremely close to the falls, and I even think you can walk underneath it. It’s just a really fun falls to visit.


  1. As you’re driving along M-28, you’ll end up seeing the falls.
  2. If you start in Munising, the falls is about 8 miles outside of the city. You’ll travel west to get to the falls.
  3. There is a roadside park right across from the falls, named for H.J. Rathfoot. There is also a sign next to the falls, though as I mentioned it is only visible from one side. Also check out the roadside park, as you are only yards away from Lake Superior.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 12′
Length of Hike: Roadside

Scott Falls in May 2009

Scott Falls in October 2009

Where in the World is Scott Falls?


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