Olmsted Falls, Ohio

In the city of Olmsted Falls, Ohio, you can find Olmsted Falls, a beautiful waterfall found on Plum Creek. Plum Creek flows through the city, and two different drops occur, one being Olmsted Falls and the other known as Plum Creek Falls. Both falls are not large, but they are very scenic and the hike around the falls is just as beautiful. Plum Creek meets with the Rocky River in this park.


  1. From I-71 in Ohio, take exit 235 to Bagley Road.
  2. Head on Bagley Road for a short ways to the town of Olmsted Falls.
  3. In Olmsted Falls, turn right onto OH-252 (aka Columbia Road) heading north.
  4. In a short distance, OH-252 will veer to the left. Instead of veering left, head straight.
  5. Park at the library or in the parking area below the library. The trail to the falls will be pretty noticeable. You will first encounter Olmsted Falls, and further downstream will be Plum Creek Falls. (You may also be able to access the falls via the David Fortier River Park, but it’s unclear whether there’s an entrance on Water Street.)

Accessibility: 9/10 (easy)
Height: 17′
Length of Hike: 0.5 miles round-trip

Olmsted Falls in August 2009

Where in the World is Olmsted Falls?


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