Boulder Creek Cascades, Colorado

Boulder Creek Cascades in August 2009

I wasn’t really looking for what I’m calling the Boulder Creek Cascades. What I was looking for was Boulder Falls, which I come to find out are essentially closed to the viewing public. Boulder Creek, which the curving CO-119 follows, is much easier to view at this point in time. (As of 2018, the Boulder Falls trail is still closed, apparently due to 2013 damage…From what I read, there’s finally going to be some work done to stabilize the area.)

As your driving along the road, you’ll see Boulder Creek taking many small drops. At points, there are rapids, while at other points the drops are a little larger, though still not significant. The Boulder Creek Cascades go on for miles and miles, so the picture to the right is just one of the many photographs you’ll be able to take.


  1. From Boulder, head west on CO-119.
  2. The many stops along the road allow for many great views of Boulder Creek.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 6′ (with other drops along the creek)
Length of Hike: not applicable/roadside

Where in the World are Boulder Creek Cascades?


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