Little Manitou Falls, Wisconsin

So I decide to take a trip to northwest Wisconsin and the Minnesota shoreline this May. I check the weather the night before, and notice that they’re expecting snow! This should be interesting, since I was hoping that it might be just a little bit warmer than that. Oh well, the weather in the Midwest can be rather unpredictable.

I visited Amnicon Falls State Park first, and while it’s snowing, it’s not too bad. Then I visit Pattinson State Park, and that’s when it starts to snow noticeably. The temperature is in the 30s, though it’s not terribly uncomfortable. My shoes are soaked from the very wet snow. Because of the cold, I decided rather quickly not to hike the trail from Big Manitou Falls to Little Manitou Falls. I’m in luck because it’s just a short drive from one parking lot to another to view Little Manitou Falls…if I could just find the turn to the parking lot for Little Manitou Falls. I only passed it twice (and noticed that I had passed it) while searching for it.

I park, walk through the slushy snow along the short trail to the falls, and am surprised at the beauty that is in front of me. It’s the smaller of the two falls in the park, but with the snow falling in the background, it’s just beautiful.


  1. From US-2/US-53 in Superior, head south on WI-35 for 13 miles, following the signs to Pattison State Park.
  2. Once you reach Pattison State Park, you can turn left and go toward the camping area, which will lead you to Big Manitou Falls.
  3. Continue 1 mile past Big Manitou Falls, and then turn left for the parking area for Little Manitou Falls.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 31′
Length of Hike: negligible

Manitou Falls during the early May snow

Where in the World is Little Manitou Falls?


One thought on “Little Manitou Falls, Wisconsin

  1. You picked three nice falls to see.We've trudged in to Amnicon Falls once in the winter when there was knee deep snow on the trail. Lots of work to get in, but worth it.You should see Little Manitou Falls when it is frozen, it's something else!We moved away from that area many years ago, and do miss the scenery.

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