Twin Falls, Oregon

I get to start my discussion of Silver Falls State Park with one of my least favorite falls in the park. Silver Falls State Park is definitely a place every waterfall enthusiast must visit. There are ten or eleven NAMED falls, and anywhere from 5-10 UNNAMED falls, depending on how you define a waterfall.

Twin Falls, which I’m not even sure where the name came from, considering I didn’t see two falls, is one of the least spectacular falls in the park. It has nothing to do with height or width or anything of that sort. There are smaller and thinner waterfalls that have more character than this drop. It’s pretty, but there really isn’t a great view to be had. Oh well…visit for the other falls and add this one to the list.

The waterfalls can all be accessed relatively easily by the Ten Waterfalls trail. Twin Falls is about halfway along the trail, and so it doesn’t really matter whether you park at the North Falls or South Falls parking lot. Be aware that the roundtrip on the trail is about 8 miles, but it surprisingly manageable.


  1. From Salem, drive east on US-22 to the junction of US-22 and OR-214.
  2. Head north on OR-214 for 15 miles, following the numerous signs to Silver Falls State Park.
  3. You can park at either the South Falls or North Falls parking areas. The South Falls parking area is larger, and the Waterfall Trail leads you past all of the falls.

Accessibility: 6/10 (moderate)
Height: 31′
Length of Hike: 8.7 miles round-trip (to see all waterfalls in the park)

Twin Falls in Silver Falls State Park (May 2010)

Where in the World is Twin Falls?


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