Sable Falls, Michigan

I’ve visited Sable Falls three times in the past five years, and it always seems to surprise me. The pictures of Sable Falls can never do it justice. I think it might have to do with the fact that it has multiple drops that lead to a sort of optical illusion.  Each drop is rather large but it definitely doesn’t look like that!

The very short hike to the waterfall seems to have changed since my first visit in 2005, though maybe I just don’t remember it that well. During my first visit, I seem to remember that you could walk up very close to the falls without any difficulty. In 2008, many stairs had been built and viewpoints had been installed. At the end of the viewpoint at the base, it now is “blocked” off from leaving the approved trail, though I can tell that people still do find a way.

While there are many waterfalls in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Sable Falls is essentially off by its lonely self. On the western side of the park (near Munising), there are a multitude of falls within a 10 or 15 mile radius. Sable Falls is really the only major fall in its general vicinity. If you’re in the area, check out Grand Marais and the Grand Sable Dunes, as you won’t find many other waterfalls in the area.


  1. From M-28, head north on M-77 until you enter the village of Grand Marais.
  2. At the intersection of M-77 and County Road H-58, turn left and head west on H-58.
  3. After just 2 miles or so, you’ll come to the parking area for Sable Falls, which is clearly marked. If you drive a short distance further, you’ll come to the East Visitor’s Center.
  4. At the Sable Falls parking area, follow the signs to the falls.

Accessibility: 9/10 (easy, there are stairs)
Height: 25′
Length of Hike: 0.5 miles round-trip

Sable Falls in May 2008

Where in the World is Sable Falls?


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