La Coca Falls, Puerto Rico

La Coca Falls in El Yunque National Forest (March 2010)

Of the major waterfalls in El Yunque National Forest, La Coca Falls is by far the easiest to visit. The falls are right off the road and are the first waterfall as you drive up Rte 191.

La Coca Falls is probably best described as a slide falls. The water slides down a 60′ rock face, after which the creek narrows down significantly. It’s a very pretty waterfall, and the tropical rain forest surrounding it is just stunning. If you want to see a waterfall on Puerto Rico, this is your best bet, especially if you’re not interesting in hiking up and down hills. If you’re interested in hiking to a waterfall in El Yunque, check out La Mina Falls or the wonderfully hidden Juan Diego Falls. All three can be very easily visited in a couple of hours time.


  1. Head into El Yunque National Forest on Rte 191 (which is not very obvious from Rte 3).
  2. La Coca Falls will be on the right side as you’re heading down Rte 191. It’s extremely obvious, and there is parking both before and after the falls.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy, roadside)
Height: 85′
Length of Hike: not applicable

Where in the World is La Coca Falls?


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