4 comments on “Waterloo Falls, Tennessee

  1. hey man, apparently you didn’t catch burgess falls which has it’s own state park not a fifteen minute drive from cummins falls and come back around to cummins since it isn’t really blocked off and never has been. Especially now that the Tennessee Parks and Greenways is trying to buy it to turn it into a state park.

    you should also look at this website for falls in tennessee:


    • Nope, I didn’t miss Burgess Falls. I guess they are closer than it seems. I looked it up on google maps, and the two falls are only about 22 miles apart in terms of driving distance. It took me almost 40 minutes between the two falls, so I guess it was more of a time issue.

      And I hope to retry and visit Cummins Fulls. When I drove by what I think was the falls area, there was really no place for me to safely park. If the fencing weren’t there, I would have been able to park…I could tell there used to be room, but there wasn’t when I was there.

      • hi, Cummins Fall – 1st Sat hike – June 4, meet for a guided hike. There will be room for parking. look up TN Parks and Greenways or Cummins Fall on facebook. My husband will be leading hikes on June 4. Let me know if you would like more info.

        We live close to Burgess Falls and are about to leave out to see Waterloo. We’ve never been to Waterloo.

        thanks. C Bryant

  2. If you hike downstream from Waterloo you will find several more waterfalls. One is another creek falling into Spring Creek. It is around 40 feet tall.

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