Munson Creek Falls, Oregon

Munson Creek Falls in May 2010

Munson Creek Falls is often advertised as being one of the largest waterfalls in the easternmost portion of Oregon near the coast. I don’t know whether that is supposed to make it more interesting simply because it is tall, but I didn’t find it very exciting.

The waterfall itself is very pretty, but there is not really any way to get close to the falls. You can only view the falls from a rather distant vantage point. Numerous fallen trees and brush very effectively deter most people from even trying to get closer. I’m guessing that if you were determined enough, you could get closer, but I didn’t even try. There are other smaller waterfalls in the general vicinity that are more intimate. (I haven’t had a chance to check out this falls again, but it is now a state park, and there may be a much clearer path to get closer to the falls.)


  1. On US-101 between Tillamook and Beaver is Munson Creek Falls County Park. I was heading north, and the turn to the falls was on my right.
  2. After turning, follow the sign 1.6 miles to the parking area. The hike to the falls is rather short.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: 266′
Length of Hike: 0.75 miles round-trip

Where in the World is Munson Creek Falls?


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