Indian Falls, Ontario

Indian Falls Ontario

Indian Falls in October 2010

Indian Falls was one my favorite waterfalls in Grey County, Ontario. Not only was it accessible (as are most of the waterfalls in this area), but it seemed to be the least affected by humans, at least visibly. Some of the other waterfalls in the area show what human beings have done to change their surroundings, sometimes so much so that it strongly affects the waterfall that you see. Indian Falls doesn’t have that problem.

The falls are very pretty, and also rather surprising. If you walk upstream, there is nothing indicating that a significant drop is only a short distance downstream. When we showed up later in the afternoon/ evening, the sun was in the path of the viewpoint, and so it was rather difficult to get good pictures that didn’t have a lot of glare. When zooming the camera, I did have to cut out some of the surroundings, which was disappointing because of the beautiful fall colors around the falls. Better pictures may have been achieved from the base, but there really isn’t any approved trail down to the base, and the drop-offs are much sharper than they appear. I wouldn’t suggest trying.


  1. From Owen Sound, head north on Grey County Road 1.
  2. On the left a few miles out of the city, you’ll come to the parking area for Indian Falls.
  3. Park there and follow the trail to the falls. It is mildly steep at a few points.

Accessibility: 8/10 (easy/moderate)
Height: 50′
Hike: 0.6 miles round-trip

Where in the World is Indian Falls?


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