“Hidden” Falls, British Columbia


Hidden Falls in August 2010

While driving to McDonald Falls in British Columbia (which is nearby the more advertised Cascade Falls), I ended up finding a small waterfall that was hidden off of the side of the road.  It’s probably not very obvious unless you’re intentionally looking…and I’m always looking for those smaller waterfalls.

I can’t exactly remember whether the waterfall was off of Sylvester Road or off of Lost Creek Forest Service Road, which branches off of Sylvester Road.  I think it was off the latter, as I remember being able to pull off to the side of the road rather easily.  If you’re headed toward Lost Creek FSR, the waterfall is on  your right.


  1. If you’re coming from Transcanadian Highway 1, you’ll want to exit toward Mission onto BC-7.
  2. Drive east of Mission on BC-7 for about 6.5 km to Sylvester Rd.
  3. Turn left on Sylvester Rd. Head 13 km down Sylvester Rd.
  4. After a distance, you’ll see a sign for Cascade Falls.  Keep heading down that road a short distance, where Lost Creek Forest Service Road starts.  It’s a dirt road, so it’s pretty difficult to miss.  McDonald Falls is about 1.3 miles down that road past the bridge over Munro Creek, so if you reach that bridge, you’ve gone too far.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy, if you can find it)
Height: 25′
Length of Hike: not applicable (roadside)

Where in the World is “Hidden” Falls?


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