First Creek Falls, Nevada

The first time at First Creek Falls was not the charm. The second time was disappointing as well. The third time was the charm!

In January 2009, both my father and I visited the Red Rocks area, and searched for First Creek Falls. We spent a considerable amount of time wandering around to no avail. We found small drops, but nothing significant. It was rather disappointing, but in the Red Rock Canyon, you can’t stay disappointed for long.

In January 2010, I visited the area again. This time around, I was rather unlucky. I got extremely sick the first day there. The second day around, I decided, with what little energy I had, to search for the falls. I had better directions, and I did find the falls, but there was no water! At least I knew the general area of the falls now.

In December 2010, I decided to show up again with my dad. The first full day there, I decided to go and check out the falls. Now, luck would dictate that there would be some problem. It had rained in Las Vegas for the past few days, and so it was the opposite extreme of no water. There was so much water that we couldn’t even pass what was the former dry creek bed at the start of the trail. We had been stymied again. Luckily, three days later, the rain had subsided, the rushing creek had subsided, and so it was easier to get to the falls. And with all that rain, it was pretty much guaranteed there would be water! Success! Oddly enough, my dad says that we had been there in 2009, but there wasn’t any water flowing then. I don’t remember getting to the falls, as I think I would remember a drop this big, even a dry one.


  1. The waterfall is off NV-159 (Charleston Boulevard). I’m providing the link of the directions that I used since it is rather tricky to find the falls. Even finding the parking area is tricky, since it’s only marked in one direction, not the other.
    Bird and Hike’s Directions

Accessibility: 8/10 (easy/moderate)
Height: 10′
Length of Hike: 2.2 miles round-trip

First Creek Falls in December 2010

Where in the World is First Creek Falls?


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