Buttermilk Falls, Pennsylvania

I really stumbled upon Buttermilk Falls. I don’t remember whether it was in the book I was using, but I do think I noticed it on the GPS. Often, when you see waterfalls on the GPS, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can or should visit them, so I had to wonder…Is this waterfall on private property? Is this waterfall in the middle of nowhere?

Well, I was lucky. The falls might be on private property, but you can visit them. And they are extremely easy to visit! They are right of US-209 near East Stroudsburg. It was Memorial Day weekend in 2009, and just an hour or two earlier, an intense rain/thunder storm had passed through. That had prevented me from looking for the other waterfalls in the book, so I decided to drive north on US-209 to explore. Driving north, I found it relatively easily. It’s right near a real estate office. The falls are more extensive than appear in the picture, but it is difficult to photograph the whole falls in one shot.

1) From I-80, take the exit for US-209 and head north.
2) Only 2 or 3 miles north on US-209 (aka 7 Bridges Road), you’ll find Buttermilk Falls Road. Turn right onto Buttermilk Falls Road, and park in the real estate office to your left.
3) Head to the falls, which are pretty obvious.

Accessibility: 10/10

Where in the World is Buttermilk Falls?: map

Buttermilk Falls in May 2009


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