Walters Falls, Ontario

Walters Falls in October 2010

I visited Walters Falls in Ontario after visiting a number of other waterfalls in the Owen Sound region. It is probably one of the easiest to find, and yet it’s not necessarily a spectacular waterfall.

After visiting the falls in the area, I realized that one of the “negatives” about some of the waterfalls in this region is that it’s almost impossible to separate out the human effects on nature. At times, this can reveal a lot about history…at other times, it’s just annoying. Here it falls more to the annoying category. The book I have says it is one of the only falls in Ontario that splits into two, but that seems to be because us humans put a dividing barrier there when building a mill.

Oh well…during the fall, it’s still an enjoyable view. If you want a view from the base that is also possibly, though slippery when muddy. To view that, cross the bridge to the “right” side of the river, where you’ll see a trail that heads downhill to the base of the falls. The sun prevented great pictures at the base.


  1. The town of Walter Falls is found near the intersection of Grey County Roads 40 and 29.
  2. On Co. Rd. 40 in the city (if you’re heading east), you’ll find Front St.
  3. Turn left onto Front St., and head to the very end, where you’ll come to The Falls Inn. Park at the inn, and head to the left to the observation deck for the falls.
  4. Cross the bridge and head downhill if you want to get to the base.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy, observation deck), 6/10 (moderate, to base, muddy!)
Height: ~50′
Hike: no major hike necessary unless you want to get to base, even then it’s short…

Where in the World is Walters Falls?


2 thoughts on “Walters Falls, Ontario

    • Yes, when I visited a number of years ago, there wasn’t this restriction, and I read recently that what you have stated is true. I will update the post with the new information! Thanks!

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