4 comments on “Hog Canyon Falls, Washington

  1. FYI, the actual waterfall is on private property. You can get close enough to have a great view and it’s definitely worth the hike, no doubt about it. I’ve seen law enforcement there making people leave the private property (which is clearly marked with signs and a barbed wire fence).

    • Thanks for the info. I’ll plan on updating this. I visited 4 years ago this month, and don’t remember signs or fencing, so this must have been changed recently. All for making sure we are still able to visit the falls and respecting property!

  2. There needs to be more private property signs clearly posted on land boundaries ! We hiked over to the falls today and there was some meathead dude having sex on the waterfall and waving at the hikers naked and then flipped out and started screaming at everyone to get the f away from his property and throwing rocks at people ! There was tons of hikers out there including families with small children, this guy was a real piece of work!!

    • Yes, it’s one of those waterfalls where I’m beginning to think that it’s just not worth it…When I visited a few years ago, I didn’t have any issues, but there also weren’t any clear signs/boundaries. After reading a few articles about this, it does seem there’s some erratic behavior from the landowner.

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