Coliseum Falls, New Hampshire

Coliseum Falls in September 2010

I thought that Coliseum Falls was a fun little (but “long”) waterfall in Crawford Notch State Park. And if you choose the right trail, you can see this waterfall pretty easily, along with Bemis Brook Falls. Further along the trail, and with some difficulty, you can find Arethusa Falls, which is the main attraction.

The test here is to see how many of Coliseum Falls’ drops you can photograph all at once. The waterfall drops a number of times, though each of those drops are small. Adding all of those drops together, though, makes for a more impressive waterfall. I also found the rock along the river to be very beautiful. The colors are verging on reddish-orange, especially when the water runs over it.


  1. The parking area for the falls is found off of route 302 in Crawford Notch State Park, which is an impressive place to find waterfalls.
  2. About 1.5 miles south of Willey House, you’ll find the parking area for the falls. Heading south, the turn will be on your right. If I remember correctly, during the busy times of the year, there is a parking lot right off the road that looks very full, but you do not have to park there. Driving further down that road leads to a parking area that is much less busy, and much closer to the trail head.
  3. At the parking area, you’ll see a private house. Head to the left, and begin to follow the trail. You’ll cross railroad tracks, and then you’ll continue on the trail for a short distance.
  4. After a ways, veer to the left to follow the Bemis Brook Trail. This is where you’ll encounter Bemis Brook Falls and Coliseum Falls. This path is actually very easy. If you wish to continue on to Arethusa Falls from this route, be aware that there is a steep hill that you must climb up to get to the other trail. It is not a simple feat, and you should be in good physical shape. It might actually be easier to go on the Bemis Brook Trail on the way back. You’ll be climbing down the steep hill, but it might less problematic?

Accessibility: 8/10 (easy/moderate)
Height: 20′
Length of Hike: 3 miles round-trip (to see all three falls)

Where in the World is Coliseum Falls?


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