Unnamed Falls, Waikato Region, New Zealand

Unnamed Falls in May 2011

I’m not really sure how to describe this waterfall, considering I don’t really know it’s exact location. I was driving from Bridal Veil Falls (40 minutes from Hamilton) to Marokopa Falls. My GPS took me along some long stretches of unpaved road. I finally got onto some paved (sealed) road in farmland, and out of the corner of my eye, saw this small waterfall plunging to the left of me. I really couldn’t stop right there, so I turned around (which can be difficult on these winding roads). I zoomed in to the falls while stopped on the road for a few seconds. It’s not a very busy road, but if you can find another place to pull of for just a second, that might be the best option. That is if you can find the falls?

Directions: Well…It’s on a paved road somewhere between Bridal Veil Falls and Marokopa Falls. Along the way, I believe I took Kawhia Rd. to Harbor Rd., then Te Wairere Road to get to Marokopa Falls. It might have been off of one of those roads?

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Height: ~40′
Length of Hike: roadside

Where in the World is Unnamed Falls?


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