Bumpers Falls, Arkansas

Bumpers Falls in March 2011

I’ve already posted about Bumper Falls’ nearby relative, Dewey Canyon Falls, so I’ll let you go over there and read more about that specific falls and some observations about Arkansas waterfalls. I had some difficulty in viewing many of the waterfalls, if I could find them in the first place. Bumpers Falls was one of the few that I could both find and view.

If you find the right path, which just requires a little careful observation, you can get to the base of the falls, and actually walk behind them. And be careful…There are some large drops near the falls, but walking away from the falls, you may begin to notice the drops lessen. At the right point, you’re safe, and you can get to the base.  When I got there, there wasn’t much water, but at least I could see something! This is probably best viewed after a LOT of rainfall.


  1. I started out in Big Flat.
  2. From Big Flat, I headed east on AR-7 to the junction with AR-341.
  3. At the junction of the two roads above, turn left on AR-341. You’ll be heading north, which is the only way you can really head.
  4. Go for almost 9 miles (just a little bit under) on AR-341. This is where it gets a little bit tricky. You’re looking for the “first” time you see guard rails on both sides of the road, at least in a considerable distance. Before that, there may be guard rails on one side or the other, but this is the first time I recognized both around the 9 mile mark. If you’re headed north, you’ll actually have an easier time parking on the left side of the road (which means it might be easier to turn around at that point).
  5. Once you’re parked on the left side of the road right near the guard rail, head to the north (what I would consider the right end of the guard rail). If you go past the end of the guard rail for about 100 feet or so, you should notice a faint trail that leads into the woods.
  6. Follow this trail for a few hundred feet or so, and then head to the left toward Bumpers Falls.

Accessibility: 9/10 (Easy, If it seems harder, you haven’t found the right trail…this is from experience!)
Height: 27′
Length of Hike: 0.4 miles round-trip

Where in the World is Bumpers Falls?


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