3 comments on “Elakala Falls #1, West Virginia

  1. After a 14 hour round trip to Blackwater Falls Park today, I’m happy to say that I found of course the Blackwater Falls and Elakala #1. Unfortunately, I was unable to reach #2 or #3. It appears that the main Elakala trail is dotted along the way, but that’s about it. Even for #1, I really had to look around a bit before figuring out how to get down to the base. Do you have any further info on how to reach #2 and 3? Thanks!

  2. Exactly one month since my prior trip there, I had the chance to revisit there yesterday. This time, I did manage to work my way down to Elakala #1 and 2. #2 was quite difficult; lots of downed trees in the way and I had to crawl over some of them. Not recommended for the non-agile! I didn’t even try for #3 as I was out of time. Would you please remove my email address from the prior message? Thanks. I can see it publicly.

  3. Awesome to hear that you were able to find #2. I do remember having to climb over some trees, but it wasn’t the worst I had seen. I’m more afraid of heights, and I remember not really being worried about heights (until I saw what might be ahead for waterfall #4.)

    And hopefully your email address is now removed from the title. Think I figured out how to change that.

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