Kilgore Falls, Maryland

On Black Friday, instead of braving the shopping masses, my extended family and I instead went and visited Kilgore Falls. My uncle knows the area around his hometown (York, PA) fairly well, but he had never realized that a waterfall was so nearby. We undertook the winding and curving drive to the falls, which are located in an offshoot of Rocks State Park in northern Maryland, not far from the Mason-Dixon line.

After getting to the parking area, the hike to the falls was relatively short. The trail splits off in two different directions, one leading to the river below, and the other heading above the falls. If you want to get better views, the first option will be the best choice. The hike is not difficult at all, but you will most likely have to cross the river to get the best viewpoint. The river is not particularly deep. I’m guessing you will get just a little bit wet, though. After crossing the river, it’s a very short distance before you’re standing directly in front of the falls.


  1. While Kilgore Falls is located in Rocks State Park, it is in a norther offshoot that is near the intersection of MD-136 (Harkins Rd) and MD-24 (Rocks Rd).
  2. If you’re at the intersection of MD-136 and MD-24, head south on MD-24 for an EXTREMELY short distance. You will turn left onto Comfort Mill Road.
  3. Head south on Comfort Mill Road for a mile or so.
  4. Turn right onto Falling Branch Road. It is easy to miss, so pay attention and drive slowly.
  5. Drive a short way down Falling Branch Road to the parking area that leads to the falls. This part is not hard to miss.
  6. From the parking area, head to the left corner of the parking lot to access the trail.

Accessibility: 7/10 (easy/moderate, crossing the river is the most difficult part)
Height: 18′
Length of Hike: 0.5 miles round-trip

Kilgore Falls in late November 2011

Where in the World is Kilgore Falls?


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