Gorman Falls, Texas

Gorman Falls in December 2011

Gorman Falls is one of those ethereal places on earth that I’m not really sure how to describe. The falls are unlike many other falls I’ve ever seen. They are least where you would expect them, emerging from a spring near the base of the falls. So instead of being confined to one or two paths, the falls seems to fall in whatever way it pleases.

I found the falls to be extremely enjoyable, but they are a little bugger to photograph. I found that the most photogenic viewpoint was right at the end of the stairs, taking a right. There was this clay “ledge” of sorts where you could get beautiful views of the water cascading down, but at that vantage point, you can’t see the whole falls. When you try to see the falls in its entirety, which can be difficult, it seems less photogenic, as each little sub-fall is thin and wispy. So from the side, all of those add up to make it appear “fuller.” It’s just a fun place to explore and try to get unique and interesting pics. And the travertine (calcium deposits) only make it that more impressive.


  1. From Lampasas, I headed west on Farm Road 580, which is paved.
  2. After 20 miles or so, you’ll clearly see a sign for the entrance to Colorado Bend State Park. If you are heading west, the entrance will be on your left. (I think it might be county road 442.)
  3. After you turn, it will seem odd. There are numerous signs indicating private property, so keep following the signs that lead to the entrance to the park.
  4. After about a mile, a sign will indicate the Gorman Falls Trail. Turn left here.
  5. Drive to the end of the road, park, and pay the entrance fee at the self-pay box.
  6. Follow the trail. (Look for armadillos…We came across one foraging.)

Accessibility: 5/10 (moderate, This is NOT a bad trail, but it is by no means handicapped-accessible. Near the end, it does get a little bit steep, but on the way back up it is not bad.)
Height: 70′
Length of Hike: 3 miles round-trip

Where in the World is Gorman Falls?


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